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Non surgical weight loss treatment ignored mainstream medicine

In 1963-65 Dr ATW Simeons a brilliant English research doctor published his work on the use of Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin (Hcg) and weight loss .

It was a connection he observed when refuges in post war situations were given standard British army food packs and gained weight.

This he felt demonstrated that weight gain was not simply about the quantity of food eaten but that there was something else going on.

His work looked at various glands in the body to try and isolate what was the cause of abnormal weight gain. He finally came up with the answer, a section of the population carry a metabolic disorder. This disorder may remain dormant all of there lives or it may be triggered by a number of situations or they may have a particularly active condition which becomes evident from birth.

Simeons discovered that by using Hcg and a very low calorie diet the Hypothalamus could be activated to release the areas of abnormal fat held in what Simeons called abnormal fat accounts. This process enabled two things to take place first the excess fat could be easily removed and secondly the condition could be corrected as the Hypothalamus is reset.

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