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Hypnosis – simple facts behind the myth

Have you ever wondered how hypnosis could help you?

What would it feel like, what would you hear, what would you see?And indeed how could you benefit from hypnosis?

Remember the last time you stared out of the window with that far-away look in your eyes? You were absorbed in a particular thought or idea and for a few moments you were not quite there. And yet you were perfectly aware where you were and that you were doing it, and if anything needed your attention you immediately snapped out of that dreamy mode.

In hypnosis your mind is gently focused on one particular thing while your body is deeply relaxed. You are turning inwards. Even though you may be staring at something in your environment, you don’t really see it - you are immersed in your inner thoughts. The imaginative and feeling part of your mind is now more active than the critical part. You are in a deeply relaxed state where your mind readily accepts positive encouragement for your well being and self-improvement.

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