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Overweight teenagers in South Yorkshire could be fitted with gastric balloons, if a trial is approved.

Sheffield Children's Hospital said it wanted to use the balloons to help 10 morbidly obese 13 to 18-year-olds lose weight. Those weighing between 14 and 20 stone (89kg-127kg) will be considered.Dr Neil Wright from the hospital said the procedure was "intended as an option for young people where other treatments have not been successful".

Metabolic disorders and thirty years research not mentioned?

It seems that mainstream medicine will not look at 30 years of research on metabolic disorders dating back from 1963. This research expalins that the body behaves in a unusual way when metabolic system is comprimised, it will store adipose tissue (fat cells) within certain areas of the body giving the impression someone (who could still be healthy) storing fat on places such as hips stomach etc do not exercise and are unhealthy.

This knowledge seems to not be recognised by the medical world? and the use of human Chorionic Gonadatrophin (HCG) can only be used for fertility measurse not within weightloss.The FDA in america has had to change its opinion on the  use of HCG for weight loss due to its success though the MHRA have ruled against this wonderfull and life changing protocol due to other reasons.

So for the masses that have a weight problem ( probably a metabolic disorder ) the only route is the surgical option, though you have to be a certain weight (morbidly obese) to receive this surgical treatment. The BSC slimming clinic could help patients before they even get to this extreme weight size.

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