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Hypnosis: Myths & Reality

Hypnosis is the most misunderstood word for many people. The common belief is that a Hypnotist can control and direct our actions, and that we can be made to do all sorts of unimaginable things under hypnosis. Discover many such myths and find out what is the reality

Does Hypnosis Work and What For?

Does hypnosis work? If you're wondering whether or not it works, you may also be wondering how to apply it. There are many theories and lots of different viewpoints on how hypnosis works and how it can be used. It's certainly not mind control the way it is often portrayed the T.V. or in the films, and the overall factors that create the experience can be accounted for and even reviewed scientifically.

Hypnotherapy support for emotional problems & addictions

The mind is a very powerful tool. When hypnotic therapies have been applied to help a patient redirect their behaviors and make different choices the end result is often positive. For instance people who want to quit smoking or lose weight (two of the most common reasons why people have hypnotherapy) may undergo hypnotic therapies in order to help gain control over their behavior/bad habits. As with any therapy these techniques may work better for some people than for others. The determining factor is usually whether or not the patient is open to being hypnotized for behavior modification, and that decision is of their own making and not of someone else i.e. wife, partner, peer pressure etc. Being open to the possibility allows the hypnotherapist to take the patient further into the state of hypnosis and thus it is more effective. Being resistant to the idea makes it more difficult for the practitioner to get the patient into a state of open mindedness to be receptive to the therapy.

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