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Can hypnosis clear negative thought patterns?

Think of hypnosis as a cleaning of the mind. Taking away the bad memories and putting them away while focusing more on the good parts of your memory which can come from a highly experienced hypnotist. This type of hypnosis works well for victims of crime like rape or for those that have been witness to horrific criminal activity like murder. This kind of heightened hypnotism is a great way to help erase bad and vivid scenes from the subconscious minds of children.

Will I be able to talk through the therapy session?

Many people can be hypnotized and hold conscious conversations at the same time. Others may feel as though they are performing outside of the realm of their body. You may seem to float in suspended animation from being so relaxed. Different people experience hypnotism in different ways. For you to get the greatest benefits of being in a hypnotic state, you will need to have a clear and open mind when starting a session of hypnotherapy.

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