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•Introduction-One of the Salts of the remedy china officinalis •Common Name: Peruvian Bark, China Regia, Kina-Kina, Cinchona bark. •Family-Rubiacae.Central and South America

Remedy action on all levels:

•Clinical:Physical-Debility, exhaustion with intermittent periodicity, angina, anorexia, repeated attacks of fevers/chills/flu, big gastric  & rheumatism remedy.

•Mental/Emotional-Ailments from fright, a state of chronic anxiety brought on by fright or overwhelming stress.

•Profound weariness and prostration-useful as a general tonic, often with marked beneficial and prompt effect.

•Continuous fevers with oscillating body temp. •Night sweats

•Stomach pains, pressure in solar plexuswith tender spine just at back of it (posture/exhaustion)

•Hyperacidity of gut-poor balance of acid/alkaline.

•Periodic attacks of asthma •Shortness of breath on ascending stairs •Palpitations-sensation as if heart stopped

•Neuralgias-preceded by irritable moods, worse for exercise-mental/physical. •Depression, memory impaired

•Throat-constant hoarseness-feels sore and raw worse for coughing and sneezing

Case 1. 27yr old  female hospital worker:

•Recent double bereavement within 6 months gap, working 35 hour week, plus studying for part-time degree, commuting 300 miles/week, to care for dying relative. •Exhaustion and fatigue unable to get out of bed, walk 100meters shortness of breath on flat. •Headaches &Constipation •Water retention, aching joints and muscles •Benign Nodules on thyroid swollen glands •Palpitations at night

Case 1: Prescription:

•Echinacea  daily. •FES flower essence combination for grief. •Scirrhinum-for hardened glands. •China arsenicosum daily •Increased omega 3 intake-flax seed oil daily •

In just one month the patient was able to return to continue her daily 30min cycling after struggling to walk 100mteresover a 2-3month duration. They had better energy, sleep, positivity and were less anxious. They reduced work to part-time hours, changed jobs and home four months post first visit. They were gradually able to return to full-time work over a period of 6-12months.

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