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There is a growing list of side effects through the use Statins, from depression to memory loss, though the most worrying of all these ailments would be after long term use where research shows that it actually weakens the heart.

Within this research it shows that most drug trials allegedly showing statin drugs to be safe had been  published by drug firms, and that too many people are being described these dangerous drugs.
“We found that evidence of potential harm is not being taken seriously," said Professor Shah Ebrahim, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. "The adverse effects are not included in the trials."

Researchers pulled data from 14 drug trials involving 34,000 patients and found that, while statins appeared to help prevent heart attacks and strokes in some patients, there was simply not enough evidence to prove that people with no history of heart disease can safely take the drugs. And yet millions of healthy people needlessly taking statins every day at the direction of their doctors.

But do statin drugs actually provide any real benefit for anyone? According to a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2010, for every heart attack allegedly prevented by statins, two people suffer liver damage, kidney failure, cataracts or extreme muscle weakness from taking the drug. And statistically, less than three percent of people experience any benefit at all from taking statins.

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