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An article written and published in December 2000 by The Prince of Wales stated that alternative medicines needs and deserved more research.
The fact that more people in the United Kingdom are turning to complementary and alternative medicine.A BBC poll showed that one in five of us opts at some time for some kind of non-conventional therapy, this prompted an investigation into its use by the House of Lords.

Seven years later and there seems to be progress?With a clinical trial on Acupuncture and its affects on breast cancer, being researched at Manchester university in evolving a hundred woman.But why so little so late, could it be the fact that pharmaceutical companies have a big say in the state of our health service i.e cost of chemo for private health.

complementary medicines aren't there to suppress emotion or feeling but to help the patient find equal balance within themselves. This can take time but once you found some ones true remedy picture you can help them for life.

We can not just blame the pharmaceutical industry,but does it really have our best interests at heart in the end a place selling a product is still a business.We have to look at this debate like this, are we in this to heal or simply make money, What's the point of researching new drugs and treatments if they are unaffordable and inaccessible by the NHS.
Prince of Wales

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