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Many cases of MRSA have been reported in our hospitals, though a new fear has been uncovered and the spread of infection has lead to our ambulances. This shocking news is another blunder by the NHS where the Government is throwing cash at a system that doesn't work.

The government said it expected trusts to follow national guidance on ambulance cleaning.

Though there is not even a system of cleaning ambulances in the North West, and with qualified ambulances crews overworked, it is madness to think that they have time to deep clean ambulance's. As well as the fact there are no issolation wards with nurses devoted to that ward, that I have seen in the northwest hospitals, then as soon as one patient is brought in a room with infected MRSA patients, the nurses pass it from patient to patient. It Frightening to think that this is happening to people right now, and the government can only watch as statistics tell them that MRSA deaths in hospitals are rising. MRSA

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