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As we know Alternative medicine such as homeopathy supports many of our cancer suffers in this country. I know that alternative therapies support and comfort cancer patients due to my Farther Mark Blackwell having a rare tumour which took his life six months ago. As the NHS could not afford to support my farthers treatment and did not have the up to date technology in this country to deal with his treatment, homeopathy/ alternative medicine gave him the choice of not having to load him self up on high ammounts of morphine.

This choice is starting to be available for many other suffers not just cancer related, but people who do not want to be forced to quell there problems with heavy medication. In this democracy people should have a choice, not have there choice shattered by one mans opinion playing God.

If there talking about reactions to medication prescribed by homeopaths and peoples reactions to medication made by drug companies lets look at evidence because that would very interesting.
So is Sir David feeling threatened that he might not get the same amount of funding to operate one viewed health care system, why does it have to be one or the other why can't we have both. Sir David

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