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As practised by a qualified and trained professional, herbal medicine: uses preparations of plants or plant parts (flowers, leaves, bark, roots, seeds) to treat disorders on a physical, mental or emotional level. Preparations include teas, tinchers, capsuled powders, fluid extracts, essential oils, ointments, lotions and oils.

retains the herbs natural balance, maximising its healing potential, making it easier for the body to use while reducing the possibility of side effects.

treats holistically and aims to restore health by addressing the root causes of any imbalance which may bring about diseases conditions, rather than by focussing on symptoms alone.

Is more than the substitution of herbs for a modern drug. It is based on a naturopathic, integrated approach to health and the understanding that all bodily systems work in harmony to bring optimum health and well-being on all levels. It fosters and works with the body's innate healing capabilities.

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