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Eu_flagYou may be aware of moves originating in the European Union to regulate and 'harmonise' all food supplements including vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, under various 'directives' and also proposals from the 'Codex Alimentarius' commission. The latter have been presented blandly as a set of regulations designed simply to ensure the safety of consumers, and as such have received very little attention.

At the same time you may have noted recently a series of scaremongering attacks in the media on the value and safety of various food supplements, based on nothing more than selective


and outright lies.These strands are closely connected. What you may not yet be aware of (because the 'authorities' want it this way) is that there is in fact a concerted worldwide movement taking place, propelled from behind the scenes by mainly German-based pharaceutical giants, to completely remove public access to most supplements containing any useful amounts of vitamins and minerals, and most herbal remedies, especially newly discovered ones.

This has ALREADY happened in places where governments have 'jumped the gun', including Germany, several Scandinavian countries, Australia (in an astoundingly cynical coup by their drugs agency, the TGA) and soon in Canada and the UK. Right now, people are being prosecuted under new laws in these countries for selling vitamin C in 200mg pills, among other 'crimes'. If allowed to expand further, Codex Alimentarius will similarly prevent public access to life enhancing supplements in all of the EC including the UK, and quite probably in the US as well under a World Trade Organisation agreement.

Some of those who have gone public on this sinister development hint at genuinely evil motives such as population control by secretive world organisations like the self-styled 'Illuminati', others at simple corporate greed and political corruption. I don't pretend to know what the precise motivation behind these proposals is, or why our legislators seem so ready to accept and implement this gross infringement of our liberty - I simply don't move in those circles. But I DO know that if the Codex does become law here in the UK, my health and that of my family will suffer, and I will lose any ability to choose a natural remedy for any health problems, rather than be prescribed an artificial drug. The same will be true for everyone affected, whether they live here, in Europe, Australasia or the US. Estimates of the unnecessary suffering and numbers of early deaths which will result from withdrawal of all health supplements from public access are terrifying.

Several organisations have formed to fight these proposals, and have had some limited success. However the main weapons of the perpetrators are public ignorance and indifference, or even support resulting from the cloud of misinformation they have managed to feed to a technically ignorant and unquestioning media. This would change if more people knew about what is actually proposed, and how soon it is going to become reality

So if you care about health freedom - the liberty to choose for yourself what supplements you use - I urge you to find out as much as you can, and tell everyone you know about what you discover. I have posted some more information on our health information web site at health answers and also posted an article about the truly frightening tale of what has already happened in Australia.
On the home page you will find a movie entitled "We Become Silent - The Last Days of Health Freedom", which I strongly urge you to watch, plus links to a summary in PDF format and to the main international organisation that is fighting Codex, the Alliance for Natural Health.

Please do not just ignore what is happening and assume that others will sort it out - it is much too important for that. Our freedom and our rights to choose are being taken away one by one and it is time to take a stand.

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