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Balance blood sugar levels:

Always have protein and carbohydrates together at each meal and snack to promote steady release of sugars into bloodstream.

This helps reduce_blood_cells headaches, poor concentration, sugar cravings, PMT symptoms, tiredness, mood swings.

Limit simple carbohydrate foods found in cakes, biscuits, white flour products, white pasta and where possible replace with wholegrain products. This releases sugars more slowly and helps avoid the above symptoms.

Limit wheat intake:

High wheat intake combined with sugars produces wind/gas which leads to abdominal bloating, gassy stomach, and problems with elimination which causes body to retain toxins. In turn this leads to accumulation of fluid to try and dilute toxins………resulting in difficulty losing weight and fluid retention.

Increase intake of omega 3:
Daily intake of nuts and seeds (preferably ground)
Oily fish 3 times/week…salmon, sardines, herring, pilchards, mackerel, haddock.
Flax seed oil – use as salad dressings, on jacket potatoes, vegetables, stirred into soups, curries.

This will help improve skin quality, balance hormones and vital for healthy pregnancy.

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