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IStock_000000264016XSmall Q. Are herbs just for long term problems.
A. Although they are often used to deal with long term chronic conditions, they can also be used for preventative measures and acute conditions as simple as a sore throat.

Q. I am on medication from my GP can I still use herbs.
A. Herbs can be used safely alongside pharmaceuticals. However the herbalist must be aware of all pharmaceuticals a patient is on as some herbs can lower the efficiency or add to the effect of the prescribed drugs.

Q. Do herbs act slowly.
A. Herbs can act in a variety of ways some act slowly on the body to alter such things as hormone balance, while some herbs can have a very quick effect for such things as pain relief or constipation.

Q. How do I know the herbalist is going to treat me safely.
A. All modern registered herbalist have undergone extensive training in the safe and effective use of herbs as well as, anatomy, physiology and pathology ( the study of illness) they also have had a lengthy clinical training, treating patients under supervision.

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