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Pregnant women Why chose hypnosis for childbirth?
Hypnosis for childbirth has been around for many years. Dr Grantly Dick -Read, a British physician was the first to propose the "fear-tension-pain" syndrome in his work Natural Childbirth (1933) and recommended natural childbirth preperation as a means to prepare for birth.

Midwives and physicians recommend natural childbirth preparation. The Royal College of Midwives also admits that hypnotherapy can help some women and says that "any method that can help calm a woman's labour fears are beneficial".

Hypnosis applies the theory on a subconscious level, which at the same time allows your physical body to deeply relax, not only during the sessions but also during the birth. Research studies from around the world show that the use of hypnosis for childbirth results in:-

Shorter Labours.
Reduced use of pain medications
Higher Apgar scores.(measurement of baby's wellbeing at birth).
Reduced surgical delivery.
Decreases the chance of postnatal depression.

By practising hypnosis daily before the birth, you are effectively "rehearsing" or "experiencing" your perfect birth over and over in your mind (a similar technique used by top athletes prior to competing) so that when the actual birth begins, your body will respond in the way you have rehearsed. You see your  subconscious cannot determine between  an imagined event and a real  event so as far as it is concerned you have experienced a calm relaxed childbirth many times.

Also you are conditioning your body to be relaxed and calm no matter what may be going on around you. Being so relaxed during the birth process leaves no room for the fear and tension which are the main causes of the pain. Also this calm state increases the bodies natural pain killers (endorphins) and blood flow which makes contractions more effective and so often reduces the need for intervention and the length of labour.

At Hypnotherapy Services we want to empower mothers to be in ways to experience a calm, peaceful and controlled childbirth. Hypnosis for childbirth runs over a period of 5 workshops lasting approximately two and a half hours each. on the workshops you and your partner will be guided through various techniques and skills which will enable you to:-

* Overcome the fear-tension-pain cycle.
* Feel calm and relaxed at all times.
* Reduce or even eliminate the need for intervention/ drugs
* Give birth to a calm and alert baby.
* Enjoy comfortable breast feeding.

Your birthing partner at the end of the workshops will:-

* Learn effective ways in which to support their partner.
* Feel calmer and more relaxed about the forthcoming birth.
* Learn how to deal effectively with the medical team.
* Have a clear understanding of the birthing process

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