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Pig gambler Gambling is fast becoming a widespread problem in the UK today.  "It is thought there are about three hundred thousand problem gamblers across the UK. This is a huge figure and a clinic has been set up in Soho London, by the NHS for these gamblers to access a counselling service.  Counselling can help clients with addictions, as it is an illness not a habit, some might say.

Obsessions, and the by products of it being; anxiety, stress, depression, and in some cases suicide, all come from a clients obsession with one particular object.  In this case its gambling, an obsession with winning back the losses, thinking its a quick fix to financial freedom.  If only I could win this to get that, it would be fine, and so the cycle continues.

Cognitive behaviour therapy is ideal for this and a suggested amount would be at least 12 sessions, alongside group work also, to share and learn from other people in the same situation.  Clients I have worked with describe ' never being satisfied with what they have but rather what they might have' and so are always striving for that winning buzz' these words are from a client I have worked with and through
counselling and group work, this client has moved forward with his life, and has learnt to manage his debts, with the techniques picked up in counselling and talking to others.

It enabled him to talk about how he felt and explore his feelings and relationship with gambling.  It was a space where he was not judged for being a gambler, but listend to and respected regardless of what he had done and how. This was empowering for my client and in turn he felt valued and respected, which led to higher self esteem, and confidence to deal with his debts, relationships and reduce his anxiety and stress to a level he could cope with. I would highly recommend Counselling as a way forward for gamblers where they can take
control of their lives again.

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