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IStock_000007248761XSmall Most of us are aware of the importance of detoxifying the body, getting rid of all the toxins in the system which make us feel sluggish, effect the immune system, usually after Christmas or periods of over indulgence or even after an infection (which could have originally been caused by excessive toxins in the body).

Today there are various ways of having a physical detox. For instance some eastern cultures recommend fasting for one day a week (recommended with medical supervision) then there is yoga, massage and even colonic irrigation.
We know that there is a connection between toxins in the body and poor health! But what about the connection between the mind and the body?
Hippocrates was a Greek physician born in 460BC on the island of Cos, Greece and was known as the founder of medicine. He was the first physician to hold the belief that thoughts, ideas, and feelings come from the brain and not the heart as others of his time thought.
“All feelings and emotions start in the brain, and these feelings and emotions are the source of any disease in the body”.

And then the ancient Egyptians knew that:-

“Mind and body in unison can heal itself”.

So what about detoxing the mind?  Over the years we are subjected to a whole host of mental toxins which come to us through our eyes and ears. Just look at the news at the moment how does that make you feel, what about the stories you read in the newspapers? People you meet in everyday life? Al the negative self talk we have with ourselves. So many things are happening around us, flooding us with negativity, anxiety and stress producing mental toxins. Many of us absorb these mental toxins the same way a sponge soaks up water.

So how do you know if you have a toxic mind? Most people have feelings of being stuck, frustrated, powerless, insecure or even helpless. I know that at times we all feel like this, but if it seems to be that you feel this way the majority of the time then it is possible you are suffering from mental toxin overload.

As mentioned above emotional problems (mental toxins) can sometimes show up as physical symptoms (Dis-ease). Doctors now recognise that stress and anxiety do have adverse effects on the body such as high blood pressure, ulcers, heart problem, diabetes just to name a few.  So learning how to detox the mind people find that, that can create a change in their physical ailments which can lead to a better quality of life, a more positive outlook, more confidence, more energetic even help you in achieving your goals.

So what is mind detoxing? You could look at it like cleaning the hard drive of a computer of all its old outdated files, a method which enables you to tap into the positive parts of the brain the creative part using various techniques and mental tools to enable you to flush out and clean out all the useless outdated feelings and emotions from your mind and replace them with more positive meaningful files enabling you to run more smoothly and efficiently.  So if you feel that there is something about yourself you would like to change for the better why not come on one of our half day workshops and learn these powerful techniques which will help you make those changes you want to change.

Douglas Craddock.

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