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Male aged 36 came to see me reference his stutter. He was looking for promotion in his work which meant that he would have to from time to time deliver briefings to other staff members or more senior managers within the company that he worked in. Even though his stutter was not as noticeable at times, at other times it could be quite severe. Session one was to be an exploratory session to see if we could establish where the stutter originated, and during this session Alan was able to recall without stuttering the true origin of his problem. Alan had grown up in a family that did not show much interest in what he had achieved and coming from a large family it was quite hard sometime to “Get a word in edgeways” as he stated.

As he grew older he started to become very nervous when wanting to speak or discuss anything with his parents that he started to develop a stammer which eventually became worse as he grew older and was being presented with situations that required him to express himself. We worked together over a period of four sessions working on rebuilding his positive self-image and boosting his confidence through various techniques also giving him some breathing exercises to do as well. He was able to go for the promotion successfully and deliver his briefings in a confident manner.

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