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Prolonged and regular cannabis use can lead to health problems such as energy loss, sluggishness, disturbed sleep pattern and personality changes. There are also the smoking related problems when mixed with tobacco.  However giving up for some people is not that easy, but help is at hand. We have developed a programme that can be adapted and tailored to the individual who wants to give up, that addresses many of the problems encountered.


Detoxing. A word often thrown about, but a very real process when used in the context of ridding the body of the active ingredients of cannabis, notably THC. There are several herbs that can help to release the compounds from the fat tissue and improve the liver function so that it can be excreted quicker.

Cravings and withdrawal : Herbs can help to reduce these feelings making it easier for the person to help himself or herself resist the temptation to restart.

Hypoglycaemia: It has been found that cannabis like many other compounds has a bad affect on the blood sugar balance (seen when experiencing the munchies, and smokers putting weight on when quitting) and this can cause many withdrawal problems. Herbs to help balance sugars will restore this function and are an important part of any regime.

Sleep: Heavy use can lead to disturbed sleep patterns that are hard to restore to normal even after stopping. There are several different herbs that can be used to restore this without the side effects of sleeping pills.

Anxiety:Because use can lead to personality change, many people on stopping experience anxiety and mood problems. Herbs and essences can be used to relieve this.

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