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Forensic hypnosis is used to explore the memory for investigative purposes. It's aim is to enable subjects to recall details of events which are elusive in the conscious state.

Often a person's conscious mind is absorbed in their feelings (e.g., fear, fascination, confusion) during the experience of witnessing the event or being the victim of the crime that the conscious memory is marginal if present at all.

Because the human mind has a dual nature (i.e conscious and subconscious), details may have been repressed or just simply escaped detection by the conscious mind, but may not have escaped the persons subconscious mind.

How does Forensic Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis involves concentrated focus of attention, heightened to allow the recall of those memories which we find can be elusive to the conscious mind. When the subject is in this heightened awareness and the critical factor is bypassed the subject becomes less subject to judgment which could cloud their memory.

If you had three people who witness a robbery and the robbers jump into a car and speed off each witness could give a different description of the events. One may say it was a Blue car the other a Green car and yet the other says it was a Black car and we can see that the information can be both confusing and inconsistent The result will be that the investigation could be slowed down.

Forensic Hypnosis has the ability to form a more accurate description by enhancing the witness' memory and so enable the Primary Investigating Officer to proceed with their investigation at a faster rate.

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