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This form of massage is based on Yoga positions for both the giver and receiver. It is slightly different from a "tradtional" or Swedish Body Massage in that it takes the muscle off the bone, rather than compressing the muscle against the bone. It has been called "Yoga for the Lazy".

The meridians of the body are followed using a rhythmic pressure to release any blockage. Starting at the feet and working up towards the head. The muscle is then moved away from the bone and the joints manipulated to allow the energy or Chi to move freely through joints and meridians.

You lie fully clothed on a futon mattress, the only thing to be removed as in Reflexology are shoes and socks.

You start lying on your back, during the massage you will be asked to turn onto your side then after a while onto the other side.

You will be asked to turn on your front and finally will be asked to lie on your back.

Turning over is the only effort you will be asked to make, any other movement will be done by your therapist.

Thai Massage provides you with a workout without you having to expend any energy!

It is excellent for flexibility and joint mobility. The body is only moved as far as it will go naturally. Golfers especially find this of great value as it helps with upper body mobility. M.E. and Fibromyalgia suferers also find it extremely useful in promoting body flexibility.

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