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By practising Hypnosis daily before the birth, you are effectively "rehearsing" or "experiencing" your perfect birth over and over again in your mnd, so that when the actual birth begins, your mind, so that when the actual birth begins, your body responds in the way you have rehearsed it (similar to techniques used by top athletes) and as nature intended. In addiction you are conditioning your body to be relaxed and calm no matter what is going on around you.

Therefore, your response during the birth is to remain relaxed, involved and in control,being conversant and aware of the experience. Being so relaxed leaves no room for the fear and tension, which are the main causes of pain. This calm state increases your natural pain killers (endorphins) and your blood flow, make contractions more effective and so often reduces the need for intervention and the length of labour.

Hypnosis for childbirth is as much a philosophy a it is a technique. Dr Grantly Dick-Read, a British physician was the first to propose the "fear tension-pain" syndrome in his work Natural Childbirth (1933) and he therefore recommended childbirth preparation as a means to prepare for birth.

While midwives and physicians recommend natural childbirth preparation, hypnosis is an extremely effective way to eliminate the fear-tension cycle.

Hypnosis applies the theory on the subconscious level, which at the same time allows your physical body to deeply relax, not only during the sessions but also during the birth.

The Royal college of midwives also admits that hypnotherapy can help some women, and says that "any method that can help calm a women's labour fears" are beneficial.

Research studies from around the world show that the use of hypnosis for childbirth results in:
Shorter Labours. Reduced use of pain medications. Higer Apgar scores ( measurement of baby's well being at birth). Reduced surgical delivery.

In a British study 55% of 45 patients (first and second time mothers) required no medication for pain relief. In the other non-hypnosis groups, only 22% of 90 women required no medication.

The average length of labour for nulliparous women (having bourne no children) in 12 hrs. Participants in the hypnosis for childbirth series averaged 4.5 hrs of active labour. The average length of pushing is about 2hrs, participants in the series averaged just over 1hr.

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