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Homeopathy in the NHS

In a typical primary care Trust (PCT) of 200,000 people, there will be around 25,000 who suffer from depression, anxiety or neuroses. The IMPACT service in Nottingham offers homeopathic treatment for NHS patients with common mental health problems. The service has demonstrated that 74% of health problems. The service has demonstrated that 74% of patients in this category experienced significant improvement and many were able to come off conventional medication.

Homeopathy for young people

In 2005, NHS guidance outlined that children under 18 should not be prescribed anti-depressants yet 40,00 children are, thought to be taking psychiatric drugs for depression, anxiety and other problems.

Homeopaths take into account the world of the patient: their family dynamics, their peer experiences and their subjective feelings. Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to young people suffering from mental health problems and has a track record of alleviating attention deflict hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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