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Men and sexual health

It is estimated that 1in 10 men over the age of suffers from importance or erectile dysfunction. Whilst men increasingly turn to homeopathy for their sexual health problems, most men suffer in silence.Homeopathy offers almost 200 remedies for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and prostate problems.Homeopathy can help with other problems that many men experience- because of its holistic approach, it can help treat men who suffer with skin disorders, respiratory, circulatory and digestive conditions, IBS, migrane, stress and anxiety.

When to visit a homeopath

Men tend to put off seeking any medical treatment until their condition can no longer be ignored. Whilst homeopathy can be effective in advanced cases, it is obviously better to seek help before gettingto this stage. This means recognising that minor symptoms are early warning signs, indicating a need for attention. Many patients arrange a regular six-monthly check-up with a homeopath.

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