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Infertility Success Story.

How I Overcame Infertility With EFT Tapping.

I first sought help from Amanda Kinané for problems with infertility.  I had had difficulty conceiving for around 4 years.  There was no physical cause in myself or my husband.  I was on the waiting list for IVF treatment.

I felt that there was something deep in my life that was blocking me from becoming pregnant.

Through doing the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Amanda I was able to embark on a deeply profound healing journey in a way that I had never in my wildest dreams imagined possible.  I did not think that I would ever be able to heal some of the deep pain that I had in my life and on some perverse level I thought that the pain and anger was who I am and had to simply live with it.

I had been adopted as a baby and I was told from an early age about this.  I had wonderful, caring adoptive parents who would do anything for me.  I felt that I should have been grateful and not have a heavy cold heart.  I had traced my birth mother about 12 years previously – I felt this would somehow change how I felt about myself – that having the knowledge about my origins would some how be healing in itself and it would allow me to move on.  However finding my birth mother Karen brought up more pain and feelings of rejection that were all consuming at times, and only seemed to reinforce my feelings of self loathing.

Once the newness of my relationship with Karen wore off, my relationship I had with my birth mother became one of hatred and I rejected her.  I felt that I had to bury my feelings as I did not know what to do with them or how to transform them.  They became like an infection in my life.  Of course they would not stay buried and they affected my life in lots of negative ways over the years – drinking heavily and self-harming being the most destructive manifestations.  I became an expert in self-destruction and persecuting myself.

When I first started the EFT, I was in fear that I would re-create the painful rejection that my birth mother had treated me, and her mother had treated her (my birth mother was put in an orphanage as a child in 1960’s Hull).  I felt it might be “for the best” if I ended that cycle of mother’s rejecting their daughters by not actually having children and my not getting pregnant was actually protection for my unborn child.  I realise now that that in itself was actually rejecting my unborn child.

I then came to realise that I was so afraid of repeating the patterns of causing pain and suffering in a mother daughter relationship that I felt I would be a bad mother and I also realised that I did not want to have a daughter.

Through gradually tapping on these painful areas of my life, the fear and rejection was healing.  I learned to deeply and profoundly love and respect my life.  I was able to heal the painful relationship with my birth mother and I came to love her and have gratitude for her and my life. Our bond as mother and daughter had got beyond all of the pain and suffering in both our lives.  I know that my healing journey to heal my pain and suffering has actually also healed my birth mother.

The tapping has now completely and unconditionally healed all of those negative feelings that I had been harbouring for a lifetime.  I can now see myself being loving caring and tender to my beautiful baby daughter.  So I am now completely confident that I have made the cause in my life from a place of joy and love to have a daughter.

After 1 failed cycle of IVF which made me totally ill, I decided not to have another cycle of IVF and to completely trust that my newfound healed, joyful life full of love and hope will be the right environment to create a beautiful life as I am no longer afraid of being a mother.

I now am able to say with confidence that I completely and unconditionally deeply love and respect my life and I have gratitude for my life.  I would not have got to this place without EFT.  It has completely changed my life.

Fiona Buchanan

NOTE: Soon after writing this Fiona has become pregnant naturally and we are all excitedly awaiting the birth of her beautiful baby in the New Year.

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