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Back pain may not only be the result of physical injury but an emotional problem manifesting on a physical plain

Back pain can be a debilitating ailment, and our perception of this problem can mainly be that its an injury sustained by physical activity or long periods of time in an unsupported position. Where in some situations this can be true in others its not, take stress and anxiety for instance, if a person is stressed their shoulders may begin to rise and their back hunches, a physical response to an emotional symptom.

In conventional medicine the only solution a GP has for the agony of back pain is a prescription of pain suppressing drugs and regular visits to the physiotherapist.

The alternative approach to this problem is finding out the route cause of the pain which a large majority of the time is an emotional disturbance. Any Alternative practitioner knows that an emotional problem manifests on a physical plain, its the bodies way of telling you that you are not in balance. Back pain can be tackled by a number of therapies here's a list that have certainly helped me. Hypnotherapy, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Tuina Massage and EFT

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