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Homeopathy on the NHS

The science and technology committee have called for a review on homeopathy on the NHS, saying its merely a placebo effect and it only works because the patients believe in it. Committee chairman Phil Willis MP warned spending public money on an approach not supported by evidence could have "harmful consequences". £152,000 is spent a year on homeopathic medication on the NHS though this treatment is only for patients who have been failed by conventional drugs.

Dr Michael Dixon from the Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health stated

"If homeopathy is getting results for those patients, then of course we should continue to use it."

The Cenacle treatment Centre has been been offering homeopathic treatment (amongst other therapies ) to people who suffer from chronic illness and they have had positive results.

We have also just adapted an innovative slimming treatment for people with a metabolic disorder.The treatment substitutes 175 international units of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (Hcg) for a Homeopathically prepared solution of the same substance and obtained exactly the same outcomes.

The News yesterday highlighted the positive effects of using small amounts of a peanut substance to treat patients with severe peanut allergies which obtained very positive results. In Homeopathy this practice is called Isopathy, where you treat a patient who has never been well since being given, or been in contact with a substance, a Homeopathically prepared identical substance to produce an effective response, a very literal like cures like.

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