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Tai chi for back pain

Any form of movement or exercise will have a positive effect on your body and help keep it supple and strong, but this can be difficult to achieve if you are in pain and have limited movement ability.

Tai Chi may be an activity that is suitable for those with back pain and joint stiffness as it can be tailored to the individual and built-up gradually concentrating both the mind and body on awareness and improvement.

Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese martial art that is practised for its effects on health and in competitions. Modern styles of Tai Chi are not practised for their competitive qualities and most people practise without making contact with other people.

Tai Chi is a very popular form of exercise and every morning hundreds of people take part in routines and regimes around the globe.It works by freeing up the natural channels of energy that flow through the body.
The aim of Tai Chi is to allow the body to connect with other energies, relax and de-stress. By doing this the body will function more effectively and the mind will be cleared allowing it to think more easily without fuss.

Tai Chi is excellent for beginners and new students. The basic exercises can be learnt quickly, practised anywhere and offer many of the health and relaxation benefits of Tai Chi straight away.

Breathing Techniques and the understanding of the Tai Chi principles are fundamental to all Tai Chi practice.

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