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Homeopathic remedies treat shock

If not treated homoeopathicaly shock can be a big catalyst in debilitating symtoms emotionaly and physically. Shock is a medical condition defined by a low level of blood, this low pressure limmits the blood to the brain, this can be increased by adrenaline dumps trigged by the "shocking situation" due to a persons hindered perception. A homeopath would call this condition a mind state, a condition brought on by a collection of negative thoughts triggering an emotional response.

Homeopathic remedies have a 200-year clinical record of cure in treating shock. The remedies are prescribed on the individual symptoms of the person and not on the medical condition alone.

A great remedy for shock would be "Arnica", its recommended to use this after injury especially if there is bruising or swelling, emotionaly if you take a high dose of homeopathy you can rid any emotional distubances almost.

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