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Lin Acupuncture 

Lin was trained in China at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, qualifying in 1996. Later on, she went on and finished MSc and PhD. Before she came to UK, Lin worked as a lecturer in Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, teaching both Chinese and international students. In the meantime, she worked at university-affiliated teaching hospital as an attending physician. She came to UK in 2006, and currently practises in Manchester and Stockport area.

Having been trained comprehensively, Lin treats various problems. She has a special interests in women’s health and fertility issues. Benefiting from studying and working in Nanjing University of TCM, the exact place where the well-known Dr Xia Gui Cheng’s elegant and thorough fertility protocols originated, Lin understands well how to incorporate western medical theory into Chinese medicine treatment, how to make the full use of Chinese medicine in male and female infertility treatment. With her specialised hormonal balancing protocol, she has gained excellent reputation among patients. She is particularly good at timing the acupuncture sessions during IVF to help with follicles growth. She also offers care during pregnancy. In 2019, Lin took part in Complementary Therapy Day at department of reproductive medicine in old St Mary’s hospital, as an acupuncturist.

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