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Phobias develop

Phobias develop when a person has an unrealistic or an exaggerated sense of danger about a situation or object, in other words if a person is in an emotional state when they experience one of these unrealistic or exaggerated situations the subconscious mind will lock onto that emotion and lock it away in the brain so in the future if a person faces a similar event later on in life, those areas of the brain retrieve that stressful memory, sometimes more than once. This causes the body to experience the same reaction.

So, what causes a phobia?

There is no single cause to a phobia, but we know that there can be a number of associated factors. 
For example: 
A phobia can be a learned response which developed in the persons early life usually from a parent or sibling (brother/sister).
The phobia could be associated with a particular incident or trauma.

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