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Colonic Hydrotherapy 

Colonic Hydrotherapy can help with people that are not very frequent in bowel movements which is one reason a person would go for Colonic Hydrotherapy.
Other reasons are that some people find it hard to ingest  water and always have discoloured urine and a dry tongue and which are symptoms that are relieved when these specific people have colonic hydrotherapy. 
Since the water is taken in through the Sphincter it is the quickest way to absorb water and with an abundance of litres of water being flushed through the colon and large intestine. This will help hydrate the bowel and wash lose some of the faecal matter which can get clogged in the hairs of the large intestine if the person receiving the treatment has a poor choice of diet and low hydration. 
This is the only time the experience could give the person discomfort since very constipated peoples bowel will have trapped wind inside dry clogged faecal matter which intern is a ailment associated with IBS. A change of diet exercise and regular Colonic hydrotherapy will increase the bowel efficiency and give the person receiving the treatment better well-being.  

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