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On the following pages on my website Richardtheherbalist I have given information on some of the techniques I use, tailoring the consultation to each patients requirement, and also some information on different conditions I commonly treat alongside some of the specialist clinics I run. This list is not exhaustive as most conditions will respond to a natural health approach, however I will always happily refer you to another colleague if I feel a different therapy would be more appropriate.

If you have any enquiries please get in touch. Due to a policy of having no interruptions through a consultation my phone is often switched off, but a voicemail, text or email will be picked up or alternatively either clinics reception will be able to help with general enquiries and messages.

Fortunatly I will able to help cancer patients with 85%+ Pure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil a great source of CBD which will be produced by one of the best companies in Colorado USA, who I am very fortunate to be working with. 

Also I am very fortunate to be working with Functional Medicine Dr sarah davis who is great to work with in herbal and nutritional support. 

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