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Some Myths surrounding Colon Hydrotherapy
I don’t like anyone seeing me naked: Clients undress privately from the waist down and as the Cenacle Treatment Centre specialises in ‘Open’ colonics, the therapist never sees any more than the client chooses. Discretion and Privacy are paramount.
It’s just a new fad : As early as 1500 B.C. the ‘Ebers Papayrus’ an ancient Egyptian medical document described the many benefits of colon cleansing. In ancient times, the practice of cleansing the colon was administered by using a hollow reed to induce water flow into the rectum.

It’s painful: Colon hydrotherapy can sometimes be slightly uncomfortable, but this is only due to pockets of gas collecting in the alimentary tract, which can be easily dissipated using a technique shown by the therapist. It should never be painful, unless the client has not informed the therapist of an underlining medical condition not disclosed in the medical questionnaire, the therapist requires the client to fill in, prior to the procedure.

It has risks: There should be no risks, if carried out by a therapist trained in Colon Hydrotherapy. 
That much water used can cause damage: 40 litres of warm filtered water is used at every session at The Cenacle Treatment Centre. The psi level is so low (an average of 0.25) means that it is gentle and bathes the colon continuously, for a ultra safe and comfortable experience.

It is messy: All matter is expelled into the centre’s own plumbing system. The water introduced, cleanses the colon and any faecal matter left in the integrated system is sterilised and cleaned by the therapist after the session. Although each colonic session is different, some clients pass more than others due to diet and lifestyle. The therapist ensures that each session is discreet and private as possible.

What if I have an accident on the way home: This is the biggest concern regarding colonics, but this can never happen. After a session, the client uses the toilet for as long as they need to, but the body itself has it’s own internal system that prevents any accidents. The alimentary tract consists of two sphincters, an internal sphincter and the rectum. These prevent any untoward accidents.

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