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The colon may not be the largest organ of toxic elimination, but it's the most important. Some symptoms such as headaches are caused by severe dehydration and constipation caused by
1. Stress
2. Poor Nutrition
3. Lack of fluid.

Don't forget the colon needs masses of water to help push waste through. Colonics is the 2nd quickest way to hydrate the body, the 1st being intravenous methods.

The digestive tract is one long tube from mouth to anus - food goes in at the top and waste comes out at the end. The upper part of the system (mouth, stomach and small intestine) is designed for absorption, the lower part (large intestine, including the colon) for elimination.

The colon is about six feet long and should be about 2 inches in diameter. We all should have more than a kilo of friendly bacteria living in harmony with our body. They're provided with a home and regular meals and in return break down the fibre and waste in the colon to get it moving out.

But not all bacteria are as useful, and if someone has consumed fast food, milk, meat, sugar, alcohol and repeated courses of antibiotics for too long the unfriendly bacteria will multiply and produce toxins, intern will increase wind and bloating.
After years of poor diet, the colon maybe full of mucoid plaque, the friendly bacteria will have been killed off and the colon's peristalsis (the process by which food is pushed through the alimentary tract) will have slowed down. A dehydrated and sluggish colon will not eliminate waste from the body efficiently.

It's considered healthy to go to the loo once or preferably twice a day. Food transit time through the system should be less than 24 hours, so that no more than two or three meals are in the gut at a time. Today's lunch should be pushing out yesterday's dinner, so that nothing is hanging around festering.
The trouble is, many people think it's normal not to go to have a bowl movement every day and only go every couple of days, storing several days worth of meals in a very bloated gut.
However, a change in dietary habits and regular colonics can make all the difference.

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