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Colonic hydrotherapy Now available.

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy

If a patient is suffering from constipation, it is most likely due to lack of water consumption and poor choice of diet. Faeces need fluid to pass seamlessly through the alimentary tract and lack of water prevents this. There are certain medications that some patients are ingesting that have an effect on the stool type, extracting water and causing blockage and making stools hard to pass.

Even food transit time can be another factor. Slow digestion will allow food to ferment causing excess gas and bloating and gut pain.
How will colon hydrotherapy hydrate me?

As the name suggests, colon hydrotherapy uses pure filtered warm water to hydrate the muscles of your colon, loosening up old hardened faecal matter, so that it can be safely eliminated. Colonic irrigation is the second quickest way to hydrate the body improving overall health.

£65 Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments
Re hydrate with Colonic

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