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Pateints worried about pain medication?

How can I reduce the ammount of strong medication im a using. Fistly if a patient is reffering to prescription pain medication they should contact their GP since strong medication used for back pain & nerve pain can not be stopped right away due side effects which can include fitts and drug withdrawl symptoms.

If its pain management through rehabilition such as Physiotherapy and sports treatment then hypnotherapy is a posisitve choice. This wonderful therapy can enable patients to feel more incontrol in the rehabilitation of their injury rather than increasing the intake of drugs which will inturn increase their tollerance.

Post Injury treatment

Many people spend years suffering with unnecessary aches, pains and tension following accidents and sports injuries. Back pain, neck ache and migraines are just some of the many symptoms that can relate to previous injuries. These symptoms can encroach on daily life and many find they have to take painkillers on a regular basis.
By taking painkillers people are generally masking the symptoms of an underlying issue and in some cases prolonging the recovery from the injury by not taking appropriate action to rehabilitate.

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