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Starvation Diet. Diet not Treatment

Starvation diet that can reverse diabetes but not Metabolic disorder

  • Drastic, short-term dieting may lower blood-sugar levels, research shows
  • Participants in 2011 study lost an average of 2st 5lbs over eight weeks
  • Scan three months later revealed they still had normal blood-sugar levels
  • Intermittent fasting - such as the 5:2 diet - has also shown success

A person with a metabolic disorder will store weight in key areas of the body. Once the body learns to accumulate energy as adipose tissue (fat tissue), it is very difficult to stop this mechanism and return the body to its original state. In other words, the patient starts suffering from a chronic condition. This is like having a chronic condition such as hypertension, diabetes or a thyroid problem.

Generally, the process begins by the patient loosing the ability to feel full. They over eat as the body does not receive the signs of being full from the regulatory centres (the Hypothalamus gland) in order to stop eating. As the body cannot get rid of the unnecessary food, accumulation of excess body fat takes place. Once this mechanism starts, it is very difficult to turn off.

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