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Colonic with good gut health

Good Gut Health 101:

1. You are not what you eat, You are what you Digest & Absorb.
2. A sluggish gut breeds a sluggish mind. Feed the gut well and the immune system and energy levels are boosted preventing all sorts of diseases.
3. Chew your food well. The stomach has powerful hydrochloric acid and enzymes to break it down, but no teeth.
4. Many people have damaged microvilli (gut wall) which means they do not absorb all the nutriments they should. But most digestive functions can be easily treated.
5. Drink water between meals. Fluids help remove excess toxins and keep the bowel healthy.
6. Reduce stressors in your life. The gut shuts down in times of stress.
7. Eat real food, not fake food. Loaded with sugar (to make them taste more palatable, they spike insulin levels, making you even hungrier after).
8. Swap that biscuit for a piece of fruit or a small handful of nuts.
9. Seratonin – the feel good hormone, is made in the gut which explains why people with digestive issues tend to experience low moods. Furthermore 80% of our immune system lies in the gut. Many people with autoimmune conditions usually suffer from gut dysfunction or poor gut health.
10. Antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in the gut, which is why some people experience frequent bouts of thrush after taking them, Canesten is usually prescribed, which in turn can lead the gut vulnerable. It is vitally important for good health to repopulate the gut by taking probiotics.
Probiotics repopulate the gut and can be found commercially in health food shops. If you can tolerate dairy, a good start is 100-200g of greek yoghurt (full fat, no sugar!) twice daily.
Prebiotics support the growth of good bacteria and can also be found commercially in health food shops, but onions, garlic, greens and bananas are also good choices.

Sugar: Busting the Myths.

1. Sugar causes obsesity: Too many calories overall cause weight gain, rather than one ingredient. Sugar contains half the calories of fat (4 calories per gram as opposed to 9), however many sugary foods contain large amounts of fat such as chocolate, biscuits, cake, muffins, doughnuts. Fat + Sugar equal weight gain.
2. Breakfast cereals and yoghurt are the worst offenders: Breakfast cereals are nutriment rich providing they are not loaded with extra sugar. Yoghurt contains bone-building calcium and filling protein. Look for no sugar varietes such as greek and choose full fat over no fat. No fat normally means sugar has been added to compensate.
3. Sugar causes diabetes: There is no proof that the condition that affects 2.9 million British adults Type 2 Diabetes is caused by sugar, but too much can cause obesity, the biggest risk factor for developing the condition. 8 out of 10 people diagnosed are overweight.
4. Honey & Agave Nectar Syrup are healthier: Not true. Packed with fructose and glucose, they are still sugar based, but with a different labels.
5. Fruit has too much sugar: Fruit contains natural sugar (fructose) But dried fruit contains 5 times more calories and sugar than fresh. Fruit juice also high in fructose, doesn't contain the fibre of fresh, so limit it to 150ml per day

Written By Deborah Owen

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