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Back care when gardening

Despite it being winter and a cold one too,I've had a couple of patients with back strains as a result of gardening. I thought it would be a good time to remind you of some things to remember to help prevent a back injury.

Don't stay in the bent position e.g weeding for too long. You may find when you to straighten up your back will protest. Change positions frequently and stand up and stretch.
If you need to pick up a heavy objects such as a big plant pot face it square on and bend the knees. Whatever you do don't twist as you lift, the joints of the back will not like it.

Try to rotate your jobs ao you are not over using on eset of muscles. The temptation is to get so absorbed in a particular task or just want to get it done before teatime/ it rains/ gets dark, that you forget about your back. \well if you get backache you would just wish you could forget about your back.

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