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This is another modern day "epidemic" modern surgical techniques with joint replacements have obviously transformed some people's lives but is it not better to keep your own joints in a healthy condition so that replacements are not necessary? I suppose it comes down to a healthy lifestyle. I have about twelve books on natural ways to help arthritis. Although there is some contradicting advice eg: some say dairy products are ok, others say they are not; some say wheat products are OK, others not , but all are in agreement that lots of vegetables (raw and cooked) are vital and processed, adulterated and chemicalized "foods" are bad bad bad!

Some recommend cider vinegar and honey to have daily. Cider vinegar is a healthy acid. If an egg is immersed in cider vinegar then in a couple of days then its shell will have dissolved. The theory is that if cider vinegar is consumed regularly it encourages the calcified bony growths of arthritic joints to dissolve into the blood stream. It is all to do with maintaining a correct mineral balance in the bloodstream. An unhealthy diet of too much processed and over-cooked food messes up the balance. I am in the process of updating my booklet Arthritis and Related Condition - A Natural Approach" which will be on sale in a couple of months. This sumerizes common sense advice for people with arthritis. I also recommend the Arthritic Association

Written and sourced by Clifford Lomas

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