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Can Physical treatment help Migraine?

So can Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or any other physical treatment help migraine? The only published trials are in chiropractic treatment for migraine which showed positive results in reducing the pain levels and the frequency of attacks. There are no known published trials for osteopathy or physiotherapy but I know from my own experience that osteopathic treatment is helpful for most migraine sufferers. Although a few people respond quite quickly to treatment, for most a relatively long course of treatment is needed. In the chiropractic trial 16 treatments, were given. In reality its often best to start with weekly treatments then gradually work towards say monthly treatments to try to keep on top of the condition. In the 71 patients analysed the average length of time they had suffered from migraine can flare up at any time and we realise that the condition is one to be managed.  Osteopathic treatment or any other physical therapy is one tool for the management of migraine.However regular treatment can help to progressively normalise the vertebrae and relax the tissues, particularly of the neck, and therefore lessen the hyperexcitability of the trigeminal nerve and thus reduce the symptoms.

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