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I Feel too large to exercise

I feel too large to exercise, how can I tackle this weight through nutrition and therapy?

Firstly we would see if the patient has good metabolic functioning and see if this disorder could be the underlining reason they are increasing in weight. If the patient Does Not
have the condition then they can not start the BSC treatment plan, though the patient can choose other options such as:-

Hypnotic gastric-banding

Using Hypnotherapy a patient can believe they have undergone gastric band surgery and will conform under a restricted eating regime.
Slimming treatment patients who are looking to have a gastric band surgery but do not have enough money to receive that treatment. But if we look at the end result of gastric surgery which restrictive movement around the stomach limiting the patients food intake through the restrictive movement of the gastric band.

Breaking the psychological connection between a patients relationship with food and appetite, which is touching the subject of comfort eating. The Hypnotherapist will use de-sensitising techniques and NLP to make the patients association with food more normal and to stop any emotion ( such as depression )linked to the eating.

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