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New year weight-loss

This is the time of year we all start to think about improving our health. Be it trying to lose some weight or doing a small amount of regular exercise daily or simply eating more healthy types of foods.

The route we choose will depend on many factors and what our motivations might be. current health problems , how we look in the mirror, to fit into the clothes we want to wear.

There are however a percentage group within our society who do not have the option to make any of the choices put before others. For them it won't matter what they do in the way of exercise. Eat more healthily or try to lose weight. These are the unfortunate individuals who carry a gene which controls their metabolic function when activated preventing normal weight loss.

The only time these people are able to lose weight is when they eat a sub nutritional diet and as soon as they commence eating normally again the weight piles back on. This metabolic disorder was discovered by an English doctor in the 1960's who published his work in the Lancet, a British medical journal .

The condition once assessed can be treated and many have benefited from this treatment. However the condition is still not widely known about and therefore that percentage of the population who carry this gene can continue to struggle unnecessarily to manage this condition when it is triggered.

There are a number of triggers which can switch on the gene such as stress, hysterectomy. Pregnancy, athletes who become injured and cannot train who are used to a high calorific intake. All these factors are along way from over eating, therefore it is easy to understand why this percentage of our society will have to deal with prejudices associated with uncontrolled weight gain which will be completely out of their control.

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