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Colon Hydrotherapy -the process

The Cenacle Treatment Centre has two different colon hydrotherapy procedures on offer. The  procedure entails warm water being introduced to the colon and each method relaxes and massages the entire colon with sterilised warm water under specific regulated temperatures.

Before any colon hydrotherapy process begins, the therapist will ask the client to fill in a medical questionnaire. It is important to list everything, as there are some contra-indications that would inhibit someone from going ahead with any of the procedures offered.

Once checked by the therapist and signed by the client, the therapist will then discuss each colon hydrotherapy practice and an informed choice will be made by both parties.

Even though the procedure stays the same, the individual has a totally different results as our diets are ever changing and that can impact on the outcome. Some clients find that afterwards they pass an inordinate amount of matter down the lavatory and can feel as though they have been cheated of the experience of having "a colonic". This is not so, which is why week time frame. Each session promotes different results, but the overall outcome will be beneficial and as one client put is so distinctly.

"I feel so light and cleansed. Its like a bath on the inside"

After Care

On having colon hydrotherapy treatment at the Cenacle Treatment Centre, a number of pointers need to be observed.

Immediately after the treatment, you may feel as though you want to go to the toilet more often. This is normal. This is normal. Up to twelve gallons of sterilised water has passed through your colon, released. The colon is a delicate system and has been stretched and realigned in the delicate system and has been stretched and realigned in the course of the process. In order to continue with the health benefits, the following needs to be adhered to.

No spicy foods for at least twenty four hours after the procedure.
Keep hydrating the body by drinking as much water as possible. Bottled is preferable.
This is a clinical procedure and it is beneficial for you to rest afterwards.
You may find that you sleep better following the procedure.
It is also beneficial that you introduce an acidophilus rich based yoghurt to your diet, if this something you do not already do.
Alcohol is not recommended for twenty- four hours after the procedure.
You may find that you do not pass any stools for a number of days after the procedure; then again you may pass more than usual. This is normal and every individual is different.
It is beneficial if you decide to take up the offer of the three for two treatment is no more than a month afterwards. In doing this the maximum yield can be achieved.
The Cenacle Treatment Centre is open from 9am till 8pm and there is an answering machine should you need to contact us at any time with any concerns you may have after treatment. The telephone number is O161 483 9005.
Colonic hydrotherapy is not a weight lose cure but can help towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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