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Say No Negative New year

Talking Treatments

If you are suffering from mental health  issues and this new years may have brought these negative thoughts and feelings to the surface, talk to a therapists.
Talking therapies consist of:

  • Integrative counselling
    Integrative therapy encompasses several different models of counselling, and uses them to suit the clients individual needs and complexities, which as you can appreciate are vast and varied. Human beings are very complex and as such operate on many levels both emotional, cognitive and behavioural hence why different therapies are needed to interact with each level.

Counselling and EFT

Emotional freedom technique is another attachment to the integrative counsellors & mental health treatments of 2016 another tool to find balance.

EFT with counselling treatment is available with Paula Honeyands at the Centre.

Follow this link to a youtube channel showing where to tap and how easy it is to try.

EFT Therapists

Douglass Craddock
Amanda Kinane
Paula Honeyands


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