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Weight loss exercise has given me back pain

Some patients have suffered putting themselves through a intense training regime eating a single protein based meal at night to shift weight but with limited results.
Why does some peoples body behave in this way when a person is trying to reduce the waist size. Poor metabolic functioning is one of the reason why someone's body would react in that way under limited calorie intake and intense training.

Reduce weight through BSC Slimming Treatment

Firstly we need to see if you have a under functioning thyroid problem this will determine if you have poor metabolic functioning. Once this has been clarified we can support a  better weightloss campaign, helping our patients who may have a metabolic syndrome a better weight loss plan that is more suited for their condition with amazing results.

Going through the BSC Slimming Clinic process will:

Quickly reduce difficult body fat areas around the stomach and hips.
Re-sculpts the body losing inches as well as reducing weight.
Resets the body to a normal metabolic functioning.
No unsightly loose skin left in areas where reduction has taken place.
A feeling of well being during the treatment with no hunger.
A real life changing experience.

Find out more about our treatment programme and our unique approach to slimming and weight loss here.

The Consultation

In order to receive treatment you will first have to undergo a FREE consultation with our on-site medical team. Not everyone has the same pathology so the consultation will determine whether you fit the criteria of a person who is suffering from a metabolic disorder and also determine if there are any underlying conditions that can affect the treatment. Find out more about the FREE BSC Slimming Clinic Consultation here. If you still have any questions why not visit our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section or for further information on how you can achieve safe easy weight loss give the BSC Slimming Clinic a call now on 0161 483 9005 and book your FREE no obligation consultation and start making those positive changes now.

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