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PTSD - the cause of more soldiers deaths than the Afghanistan war.

A BBC Panorama report learned that 21 serving soldiers killed themselves 2012 -2013, along with 29 veterans.

The Afghanistan death toll was 44, of whom 40 died in action. Some of the soldiers' families say the men did not get enough support. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said every suicide was a "tragedy".

All of these PTSD patients should have been given mental health support in the form of counselling and group Mindfulness support sessions where mental health sufferers could support each other.
Another great way of dealing with negative thought patterns and outdated belief systems is using EFT. Although this is slowly being used in hospitals it was actually developed by a physiotherapist in America and engineered this treatment from a therapy called TFT.

Garry Craig helps alot of service men and gives them the skills to feel calm and balanced in any situation through this wonderful no drug based therapy.

If you would like EFT treatment contact Amanda Kinane Douglass Craddock

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