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Workplace Stress and talking therapies

Talking therapies are a great way of removing negative thought patterns

Talking therapies such as counselling EFT and Homeopathy are a great way of supporting a person who is going through emotional problems. Talking therapies such as counselling can help patients feel emotionally stronger by dealing with these feelings and thoughts in an non judgemental empathic environment.

Stress is number one cause of long-term absence for the first time as job insecurity weighs heavy on the workplace, finds CIPD/Simplyhealth Absence survey.

The stigma attached to poor mental health is also a reason why some people suffering mental health go so long without seeing a mental health therapist.The stigma attached to mental health issues is very prevalent in today’s society, and more so in the workplace, employees feel comfortable with illness if its the flu or vomiting, or migraine, but when it comes to mental health issues, people are more inclined to keep quite about it, as they don’t want to be seen as mentally ill, in any way. According to an article in times online a survey was carried out by a national charity, ‘Shaw Trust’ on thousand people and it found that “18.3% would not reveal a condition to their HR dept, and only 17.9% would reveal an illness to a colleague”.

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