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Rehydrate with Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy is the quickest way to rehydrate the body next to intravenous therapy, it is effective for people who find it hard to drink the recommended 3 litres of water a day to stay hydrated. One of the effects of not staying hydrated, is the lining within the large   intestine becomes caked in fecal matter  which then becomes  demobilised.  This then impacts on the excretory system producing IBS symptoms.
Patients who are not regular  (meaning they do not excrete more than twice a day ) and have a poor diet are generally more susceptible to IBS since they are not clearing the fecal matter out of there system.
This is why its imperative that a patient discusses their eating habits with the Conic Hydrotherapist before the treatment.

A Patient with a more varied and healthier diet which is more vegetable based will find the colonic hydrotherapy process more beneficial than someone who eats a poor diet of processed food.

When receiving colonic hydrotherapy patients that suffer from irregular bowel movements and have a poor diet then this process will be a little uncomfortable. Air pockets in the large-intestine form from the fecal matter covering the hairs in the bowl which stop the hair moving the waste matter out, though this can be relieved with a slow massage to the stomach and homoeopathic medication.

I think I'm not regular enough to receive the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy?

If you are patient who regularly visits their GP over problems with bowel and receive diuretics as a way to make a bowel movement occur and looking for a different solution then herbal therapy nutrition and then the colonic Hydrotherapy will support good bowel functioning without the use of pharmaceutical medication such a stool softeners and diuretics .

Herbal medicine and Nutrition can be what patients working at a fast pace need to balance stomach upsets from irregular eating patterns and consuming the wrong type of food.

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